My Time to Shine*

Tomorrow I start the move into my apartment in Raleigh.  (As an aside, I didn’t get the job that I interviewed for a few weeks ago.  Bummer, I know.)  Gratefully though, I found an affordable place in a nice area that does six month leases. 

And earlier Joe asked me if I was nervous about my move.  (Even though it is just across town.)  Because while it may seem counterintuitive — after all, I am always talking about it —  change makes me really uncomfortable.  It includes the risky ingredients of assessment and action which means that uncertainties are never totally eliminated. 

So when a change is about to take place, I always reflect on a quote from Yvon Chouinard’s book let my people go surfing: the education of a reluctant businessman

It’s common thinking that nomadic people move when seasons change or resources run out, but they also pack up and move when the leaders see that everything is going too smoothly, when the people become lazy and complacent.  The wise leaders know if they don’t move while they are strong, they won’t have the fortitude to move when the next crises hits.   

I don’t always know if I’m on the side of the strong, those in crises, or a mixture of both.  But I know that it gives me hope to know that this move has a purpose.  Maybe that’s a sign of strength.

*Joe inspired this title and Chouinard is the founder and owner of Patagonia.


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