I love The Biggest Loser.  Many of you know that.  And over the last few weeks, I have periodically thought about a scene from two seasons ago.

One of the contestants won a challenge where she got to choose between a one-pound advantage at the weigh in or $10,000.  In all the years of watching the TBL, I don’t think that I ever remember a contestant choosing the “luxury” item over the one-pound advantage.  The decision to choose the money is so counterintuitive to why the person is on the show.  They are there to learn how to manage their weight, to realize that the comatose eating is not about the food, and to stay at the ranch as long as is needed to help accomplish those goals.  They are not there to get trips, money, or massages.  And the trainers reinforce the idea that this not a time for material luxuries while they berate the contestants during The Last Chance workout.  For all of the reasons, it was totally improbable that Tara would choose the $10,000 over the one pound advantage.  But she did.

Bob Harper, trainer. I took this when they filmed an episode on the National Mall.

And I waited for Jillian to go all Exorcist and for her head to start spinning.  But, even more improbably, she didn’t.  Followers of the show understand this conundrum of reality.

Instead she said something like, “I really commend Tara for betting on herself.”

Hmmm.  That is something, to place a calculated bet on one’s self.  It says, “This may not go the way that I hope, but it’s worth the chance.”  I think it’s the same for a six month lease in Raleigh. 

In 2010 will you place a bet for you?

*I also posted another Raleigh Examiner article today.  It’s about the prudence of relying on others.  A topic that I have been considering for a while.


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