A Return to Freewriting: An Experiment

I want to write a little blurb about the darkest hours of night.  Because on the rare instances when I am awake and receptive to the stillness, my senses are simultaneously heightened and soothed.  Each sound is either startling  

I want to be a morning person.  All the Real Greats are morning people.  They don’t let those early hours of solitude go to waste.  Rockstars are Night Owls.  (And I am not a Rockstar.)  They work on schedules dictated by gigs that start at 11:00 pm; they have to be.  But I don’t play an instrument anymore.  So it’s hard for me to rationalize that sleeping in is good for my budding  particular type of Get Up and Go needs.

I sure do love the middle of the night though…”creases of time after midnight and before dawn sun up”.

…bleariness of early morning…

the chirping crickets, pop of the house settling (startling vs soothing)

the sensation of being the only one awake (survival)

the exhaustion (acceptance and frustration), and then the desire to turn the light back on because if I wait the thought that is so clear now will be muddled and indistinguishable in the morning (acceptance and frustration)

the adrenaline and palpitation of knowing that I can make this decision and no one is alert enough to try and stop me from committing (freedom)

Do I want to be a morning person or do I just want more hours like this?


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