The Challenge

You probably thought that I disappeared.  It’s cool, I also kind of wondered.

Waaaaay back in March when I started Transition Therapy, the need was different.  I yearned for a creative outlet where I could transform the discomfort that I was feeling about being “in transition” into something that felt…I don’t know…helpful.  To me.  To others.  To anyone who needed help.

And that motivation worked for a while.  I could sit down and write about lessons that I was learning and how seemingly unrelated themes and events overlapped.  But sometime around July that motivation started to seem outdated and I quieted down for a while.

Then things happened:  Joe and I were out of town a lot, he moved to a new place, I relocated to a new city.  The excuses, they are endless.

But I’m back.  Starting today. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about hard work and discipline.  They are values of successful people.  Because I am not the most disciplined person on the block, I’m trying to internalize it as a personal trait.  To help, I’ve relied on a running schedule that I borrowed from Women’s Health.  But the truth is:  I don’t want to make a career out of running.  I just want to be healthy.

So I decided (as I was beginning the last paragraph actually) that I should come up with a disciplinary exercise that might feed a career interest:  every weekday for the next six weeks, I am going to write a blog post.  

That’s it.  That’s my disciplinary exercise.  It may not sound like a lot, but for me it’s just enough of a challenge to keep me motivated.  Because I’m not one of those people who signs up for a marathon when they can’t run to the mailbox, I’m the girl who finds a 7 week program that prepares her to run for 30 minutes.


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