Shopping with the Kitchen Cabinet*

I recently emailed some friends and family listing some career characteristics that I’m after.  From them, I hoped for some ideas of industries where these traits might be prominent.  It was a basic list that included: brainstorm, contribute ideas to a group and build off ideas,  do short presentations, I like to work independently, and (Bonus:  Write).

Personally, I’d come up with publishing/editing, but I wanted to see what others suggested to see if I needed to add another thought to my bag.  This is also the way that I shop: pick up an item, carry it around, see if something more appealing comes along.  Add, replace, or desert everything entirely. 

And there was one response that absolutely made me smile in it’s originality and creativity.  I wanted to share it here:

My first thought was that you should be an agricultural truck driver and let me tell you why…

(This is where I paused in awe.  You can too.)

you like taking long drives

you can write about your travels, the people you meet, things you see and interesting things that you ingest along the way

you like truck stop style food. A lot! Biscuits, gravy, bacon, cornbread, chili, etc.

you can take friends along for a ride in your big truck

you can pull over and sleep anytime that you get tired

you can purchase a portable DVD player and watch The Notebook and Sea Biscuit anytime.

you are helping feed people all over the country and therefore have a warm and fuzzy feeling about what you do

(And this is where I paused to smile.  Those are a lot of good reasons!)

*The Kitchen Cabinet is political term to refer to unofficial advisers.  And my personal kitchen cabinet is responsible for my research in the direction of regional magazines.  The more I learn, the more I think that it may really be good place for me.  Thanks for all your input and support!


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