It’s Not the Norm, but the Norm Isn’t Cuttin’ It

Dear Mr. Executive Director,
Today when I was looking for a list of regional magazines, I came across your website.  I apologize for the unsolicited email, but I hoped that I might be able to ask how you got started in magazines and if you had any suggestion for someone who was trying to make a career change.
Since graduating from college I have worked in another field, but almost by default.  I fell into a job soon after graduation and moved to Washington, D.C.  While I anticipated being in D.C. a year or so, one job turned into a series of others and before I knew it I had been there almost 6 years.  I now find myself in a position where I am ready to explore my truest interests (writing, editing, publishing), but due to any number of obstacles I am having a hard time crossing over. 
As an insider, I would love to hear any suggestions you might have as to how to best position myself so that I would be a candidate for a position that would allow me to learn more about the industry and receive some hands-on experience.  As I already have a college degree (in English), currently am not enrolled in a Masters program, and 6 years out of college, I find that I am not the most ideal candidate for a traditional “internship”.  After exhausting the typical search engines, I have started anew with regional media outlets because I appreciate and try to embrace the subtle differences between different regions of the country.  I have experience living in Kentucky, Mississippi, Washington, D.C., Maine, Minnesota, and New Mexico and with each location have tried to settle into the atmosphere and energy of that area.
I appreciate your taking the time to read my email and would gladly welcome any feedback that you may have. 
Thanks again for your time.
Most kindly,

*I actually did send this email today to an Executive Director that I’ve never met.  The title of the post is the response that a friend gave me when I told her what I did.


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