A Different Type of Transition

Yesterday I had a good conversation with a friend.  He’s of the former coworker/friend variety.  And I’ll say it again:  it is one of my favorite categories of friends.

We talk unemployment and job insecurity, but we also talk his ex-girlfriends.  He ponders.  Should he reach out?  Should he not?  He wants to be friends, but…

It’s a different lens for a common theme:  I want to change, but I want to preserve something from the past.  I want to move, but I also want more dinners out like the one I had last night.  I want to inhabit a new city, but I want to maintain a social scene here.

And this is what is so durn complicated about moving forward.  Because at some point it’s either all or nothing.  I either commit to moving or I become thin from being split between two places.  He either reaches out to her or he dedicates himself to moving on from her.

And maybe it’s not that black and white; maybe there is grey area.  But I don’t understand it and that makes reality more difficult.


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