Untangling the Yarn

I’ve been thinking about some things for a while.

As previously mentioned, I’m moving next month.  While packing is not one of my favorite activities, I like the fresh start that comes with a change in location.

Last year I did a stint in Minnesota.  And before I left Joe advised me to think about what I wanted to get out of either the job or my time there.  This was excellent advice, I just didn’t put much thought into it.  (Although after a rocky 2-0-0-7, I now know it was ultimately a short term experiment serving as a test run on some new ways of thinking.  And for that…there was some success.)

However, over the past few months I’ve started to really grasp the power of being clear about what I want.  It helps me.  It helps others who want to help me.  So since committing to the move, I have periodically reflected on identifying the things that will help pulse me forward in a new direction. 

And today, I came up with a starter list:

Get out of my head.  Obviously, I love to write.  Read too.  And in books I look for delicate themes or passages that help express something that I am feeling in my life…either good or bad.  It bonds me with others.  I find this particularly important when the articulation of what I’m experiencing is in its infancy and I cannot verbalize it well enough to garner support from the people around me.  I know that there is a physical manifestation of this.  I want to find it.

The next two work interchangeably.

Explore the basics of photography and architecture.  Since I’ve been mature enough to have any appreciation for artistic expression I have enjoyed photography.  The first summer I lived in Maine a friend taught me how to take black and white pictures and then develop them.  Fall in love?  I did.  The rhythm of the work and the ability to discover what had developed during the process made my heart sing.  This is the type of physical manifestation that I’m referring to.  

(I added the basics of architecture because I believe that a fuller understanding of perspective and structure would expand the way in which I see the world and even interpret what I read.) 

Produce a more interactive blog.  It’s not that I’m not happy with the way things are because I think that these first few months have really allowed my writing to do the work.  And I needed to rebuild that strength.  It’s just that it’s starting to feel very one-dimensional.  Transition is not one-dimensional and I’m definitely not flat.  So I want this to be more representative of the fullness of the operation which is at play.  This may mean that I need to fully embrace the blog and identify myself.  But I go back and forth on the necessity of that.

And lastly…

Figuring out the details.  If I’m ever going to “out” myself, then I want this blog to be a fully-functioning experience which means it’s going to need to do some things that I don’t yet understand.  For example:  what is blogging etiquette?   Do you have to ask permission of someone before you link to their blog?  Do I really need the extra storage that WordPress pitched me when I tried to post a recent picture?  How do I edit photos and is there a program already installed on my computer where I can learn the basics?

I recognize that a lot of those questions could be answered with a simple google search, but I’m an interactive person.  Ironically, I learn by talking first, doing second and referring to written material last.  Done first, internet research makes me want to ram my head into a concrete wall and progress halts.

We’ll see where this list goes, but I think it’s good start to “direction”.  (And if anyone wants to be my mentor on any of the above detail questions, I’ll let you…transitiontherapy@gmail.com or just comment.)


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