The First Cut is the Deepest*

I sat down this morning to write the first draft of the first piece of my volunteer writing project.  And I’m shocked that it took form so quickly.  Thirty or forty-five minutes for a final piece that will probably be about 500 words.  I’m not breaking any speed records, but I anticipated hours of agony.

Because I’d been putting it off starting days.  I mean: days.  And when I put things off, mountains seem taller and steeper.  Mostly, I delayed because that gangster Anxiety had been tightening his fingers around my throat and I can do nothing efficiently when he’s around.  But partly because I just hate writing the first draft.  It’s choppy, grammatically incorrect and disjointed. 

I’d rather do anything than write a first draft.  (I learned  that my girl Peggy is the same way which makes me feel less like a writing leper.)  It’s always been that way, but in the romanticism surrounding the decision to write, I had forgotten. 

So I had to set a deadline.  And I don’t feel good about deadlines, but I feel worse about missing them:  I scheduled it for tomorrow.  So I had to get crackin’.  I’ll make it though because the rest of the process is not nearly as arduous as getting started.

*Yes, the title is also a Sheryl Crow song.



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2 responses to “The First Cut is the Deepest*

  1. Will

    that’s actually a Cat Stevens song…

    • emcritt

      Oh…I’ve been schooled! You’re right it’s Cat Stevens, but also Sheryl Crow…she covered. I sure hate to admit it, but I don’t even think I knew she didn’t sing the original. (Should have known though, the best songs are always a resuscitation.) Thanks Will.

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