My Inner Peggy

At a volunteer meeting the other day, I summoned my inner Peggy Noonan.  (Reference to the post titled, “A Professional Confession” on June 23, 2009.)  As the meeting was wrapping up, one of the organization’s employees asked me what I hoped to do in the future.  And just before I started to utilize my Settle For Less response about how I want to get into publishing, I detoured and decided I would try to capitalize on the situation.  “I would like to write,”  I said succinctly.

And then I paused.  Because I don’t really have a follow up line yet.  She looked at me intriguingly, but I was determined not to budge.  I did not want to dilute my answer.  I wanted it to stand on its own.

The pause, which probably only lasted three seconds, felt like three minutes.  And just as I was about to cave, she asked about what I had written.  I mentioned that I had a blog about being unemployed and in transition, but outside of that, I hadn’t written much since college.  Since my pieces from then seem out-dated, the blog is helping me get my confidence back and find a flow.  Not to mention: I really enjoy it.

Then she said, “Well, I have actually been thinking about this…and I have some thoughts on some recent events where I think there are great stories.  Let me talk to the CEO and see what she thinks.  Maybe we would have some things that you could write.”

I almost choked on my disbelief.  I couldn’t believe I had told someone what I honestly wanted to do — without downplaying it — and they had offered some assistance.  I wasn’t ridiculed.

We scheduled a meeting for this week to sit down and discuss ideas, but you know…even if this project does not bear any fruit, I have experienced the power behind being authentic to who I am and who I want to be.  This is good.


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  1. jess G

    I am so happy for this! I am proud of you too 🙂

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