Meet the Tour Guide…Chef?

The other day Joe and I went on our interval walk-run.  (Which I’m slowly protesting less.)  We had to start out by walking longer than we normally do because I had just experienced a classic, burst of a fit.

Just so people don’t read this and let their imaginations run wild, this is the anatomy of one of my “fits”: over the course of time — which could be a few days, a few weeks, or a few months — mundane things start to irritate me and slowly grate on my nerves.  It is so subtle that I don’t know it is happening until something equally mundane makes me want to lose my mind.  I then either start irrationally referring to everyone as stupid, morons who if they could just get their heads out of their…I think you get the picture.  Or I have a quick burst of tears, followed by the name calling.  Obviously, this is not me at my finest and the entire thing is even more ridiculous because I’m totally incoherent while trying to express frustration towards all these trivial annoyances at once.  For about 45 seconds, I’m like a duck insanely flapping it’s wings.

So just as we both started to come down from my quick trip to hysterics, Joe spits out, “I just want to be a tour guide…And a chef…A traveling chef.”

I’m not sure what my outward reaction was, but internally, I was wide-eyed and stunned.  I also wanted to laugh.  Not at his idea, but because while Joe has his own colorful personality traits, he is normally quite tempered (particularly when contrasted to my Morse code like communication style — all dots and dashes).  I found this totally out of the blue outburst to be extremely comical.  But aside from that, I appreciated that he spoke with desire.

So this is what I’ve decided.  (Because he really is a great cook.)  Joe is going to have a place here where he can, infrequently, share his experiences in the kitchen.  I’m going to encourage him to include tricks he’s learned as well as his inspiration behind the dish because that is what I can contribute.  I do analysis and parallels; he does sautee and braise.

But the real motivation for this is in knowing that we all have “hobbies” or “interests”.  And if we choose to be resourceful and industrious with them, over time they could become more.  I know I owe it to myself to give “hobbies” the opportunity to grow wings.  And I probably owe it to others to help them where I can.  Because we are all better, happier people when we have an outlet for the things we love.  And if I can give Joe this outlet and it helps him feel as though he is utilizing what he loves, I should.

P.S.  When I asked Joe about this he said, “Ok, but I want to be like the guest who wheels in on ‘Weekend Update’.  No commitment to the show, just get in and get out.”  (In case you were unclear, he’s referring to a character on Saturday Night Live.)



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3 responses to “Meet the Tour Guide…Chef?

  1. Joe

    Love the writing – keep it up! Especially looking forward to the chef’s corner. I’m expecting dishes showcasing the passion of Gordon Ramsey, the playfulness of Bruno, and the plate decoration of Tim Gunn. All nicely held together in a Martha Stewart apron.

  2. William

    Why when you where writing about your “fits” did I immediately flashback to last summer? I just thought of the two of us going back and forth, airing out all our complaints and frustrations -work and personal. Oh the memories. In some weird way I do miss the madness/stupidity/idiocy (I probably could have used just one of those words, right?).

    Keep it up. Love the posts and I would never scoff at you if you said you wanted to be a writer. Now Camp Counselor….

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