Gone (Temporarily), But Not Forgotten

I’m signing in from the road.  I got to my Gateway City yesterday (you know, the place where you visit friends for a few days before traveling to a more remote location) and thought that I would write a note before I trek into the Land of No Internet.

Last week I worked on some posts that would be ready to publish if I had a few minutes on Internet.  But today, none of them seem relevant.  I will shelve them for possible use in the future.  This is what seems relevant…

Vacation is necessary.  It’s a thought that I have used in various forms with sentences that start: “A change of scenery will do good;” “I could use some time to decompress;” or “If I could only get away…”  But once I get away sometimes I have a hard time resisting the urge to continue pushing forward.  I continue to challenge my thoughts.  Not that I’ve ever ridden a segway, but its as though I am subtly leaning forward to try to make some slight advancement without falling.  Even while vacationing.

This vacation is not about that.  This time away is a respite from actively coming up with thoughts to share or trying to conjure up ways to get an interview at my Dream Job.  Or even considering what other seeds to plant.  This week away is about mixing things up:  a different routine that comes from a different time zone and new perspectives that come from wide, open spaces.  It’s about inspiration that comes from conversation with friends that I don’t see often enough.

I may be finally getting a hang of this vacationing thing…


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