The Fishing Expedition (a.k.a Trying to Get An Interview)

In my last entry I introduced the shocking revelation that I found a post for my Current Dream Job.  And I have to say, I’m still reeling from the idea that it even exists.  While my faith in “jobs” is slowing rising, the truth of the matter is that I’m up against a hard game of statistics.  If I am to believe the news reports, anecdotes, and comments from hiring officers, hundreds of people are applying for every opening.   

Not to state the obvious, but there is only one of me.  Potentially, I am one out of hundreds of resumes.  And if I’m going to get an interview mine is going to have to get into the right hands on The Inside.  So this is going to have to be a collaborative effort.  And I don’t mean just me and my friends, I mean their friends too.  I’m talking about partially relying on a realm of folks that don’t even know me to help me get my foot in the door.

While I have never been comfortable with overt “networking”, it is not a new concept to me.  And when I first heard* about “getting your contact list to use their contact list” I thought to myself, “There is no way I could do that.  It’s just so forward.”

Well, lo and behold, three years later I find myself doing just that in an effort to land an interview.  The other day I sent a bi-coastal, all industry email to folks who have lived or worked in this region.  But the thing is: these people aren’t just “contacts”; they are friends.  We exchange emails, have cocktails, eat dinner, visit.  They are people whose assistance I will ask for because I would do the same for them.  I could only go fishing with friends.

And I think the fact that out of three rounds of unemployment I have never done this is helpful because it adds to my seriousness.  This seems to be a perfect storm of circumstances:  a specific position at a specific company in a role that I think would be a great jumping off point for a future career.  And since I feel confident that this is a position that would use what I know and enjoy to get me on a path for further growth, I can put myself out there. 

Because, honestly, if I don’t ask for help from my friends in the name of this job now,  right now…when do I? 

*What Color Is Your Parachute?by Richard N. Bolles is a book full of commentary and exercises to help readers determine their dream jobs.  It also has tips on how to go out and land them.  It is updated annually in response to new influences on the job market (such as things like social media).


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