Yes, And I Will Need 10 Vacation Days Starting Immediately

If you read this and you know me, you’re totally about to laugh.  Because, this morning, I am freaking out.  (If you don’t know me, you’re also probably going to laugh.)

This is my current dilemma:  I am dying to go on this week long trip.  It would begin the weekend of June 13 and I would get to see various friends and family, go hiking, attend parties, knock another state off the States To See List (I’m within about 15 of being finished).  I can hardly sit here and type about it without squealing out in glee.  But I just know that as I soon as I start booking flights I am going to hear back from this job that I interviewed for two weeks ago.  I thought that it went well and that I would be a good candidate.  I don’t know if it was because it had been so long since I’d had an interview that I was biased in my take away positivity or because it really seemed like a good fit, but I felt like a solid candidate.  I felt confident that I would hear something soon.   

I am so flustered over these competing interests (waiting to hear about the job or just booking the flights) that Joe had to dictate my second follow up (the first being the inital interview-thank you correspondence) to me over the phone because I could not even come up with a coherent sentence.  And I write!  Putting thought to written message is not like translating Latin for me!  (Obviously, I need to follow up before I just book flights so that I have cover if I hear back from them, they offer me the position, and I have to negotiate a start date. Remember dutiful and diligent.) 

And so is life, that if I get this job two good things would be in conflict with each other. And if I had to scrap the trip that I am getting more and more excited for, I would be totally bummed out and probably even more reluctant to get a job.  Who wants a job if it gets in the way of all the fun in life?

P.S.  In part, this is dedicated to the seven friends getting married this summer.  I already need vacation days and I don’t even have a job yet!



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4 responses to “Yes, And I Will Need 10 Vacation Days Starting Immediately

  1. jess G

    One of the great qualities to have in a worker is that they have so many high quality friends, they would never fathom declining an invitation to one of said friend’s weddings 🙂 This dilema sums up a key element in your personality that any employer would want: loyality.

    As a side note, have you ever had to do 2 weddings in one weekend? Ever had to choose whose wedding to skip in order to go to another? See, we could make a whole personality test for potential employees based on wedding guest history!

    • emcritt

      Jess, from now on can you be a character witness when I go in for interviews?!
      P.S. Yes, I believe that it was 2005 when I was invited to three weddings in one weekend. I attended the one in which I was reading.

  2. Griffin

    No question. Definitely go on the trip. And if you ever doubt your decision, just listen to “Freebird.”

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