Rolling Out The New, CUSTOM Header

As some may have noticed, Transition Therapy has a new, custom header. 

During two of my three unemployments, I was fortunate enough to do some serious traveling.  The above picture is one that I took during Unemployment 1.0: Travel to Peru.  For four days out of the eleven in Peru, My Travel Companion and I hiked the Inca Trail.  Let me tell you, nothing personifies transition like hoofing it on cobblestone.  In the future I hope to share some anecdotes from that trip as well as pictures and tales from my other Transition Travels.

(The view is Machu Picchu just after dawn.  The fog slowly lifted as the sun burned it off, but for a time we didn’t think we’d see any of M.P.  And while you can only see the base because of the way the photo is cropped, I also hiked the terrifying looking mountain in the background.)



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4 responses to “Rolling Out The New, CUSTOM Header

  1. Griffin

    Incredible photo…

    • emcritt

      Thanks! Maybe one day National Geographic will let me be a lackey on one of their trips! (Only partly written in jest.)

  2. Simmone

    Remember our bitter disappointment after getting up at 4am to line up for close to an hour. To then run the last section of the Inca Trail. We finally reach our magical destination of the Sun Gates only to get an amazing view of clouds…ahahaha. To add to it all that guy from Utah nearly fell off the trail down a massive cliff all in his excitement of reaching the Sun Gates.

    Thankfully the clouds finally lifted and Machu Picchu appeared in all its glory.

    • emcritt

      I know! But we did get that funny picture that enables us to super-impose ourselves in front of any site that we want. “This is us in front of the Eiffel Tower…and then again in front of the Taj Mahal….don’t forget the Pyramids….” I could go on all day!

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