A Pause for Station Identification

I feel like today is a good day to pause and remember my intention.  We do this in my online yoga class, but it’s usually a practice that stumps me.  Approximately 99% of the time, I cannot come up with an intention (an intention being something that I want to achieve over the upcoming hour).  While the other 1% of the time I don’t even try to come up with an intention because I am positive I will come up empty.

But I do like the thought of having an intention because I like to identify my motivation.  Down The Road it gives me something to look back on.  I guess it’s kind of like a temporary mission statement or a mile marker that can indicate how far I have traveled on any certain path.  I am always free to change paths, but for me it is important to know why I am changing trails.  I am currently in the middle of switching lanes; I just don’t know which lane I want to be in yet.

And while I’m figuring it out, I thought I’d see if there were others who wanted to come along on my journey.  If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably determined that I have a God-given penchant for analyzation.  Instead of continuing to dismiss this ability as “over thinking”, I decided to see if there was a way to use it.  (You may be asking, “If this person loves to analyze so much why isn’t she an economist or something?”  The short answer is, I prefer words over numbers.)  

So I thought I’d take the enjoyment of synthesizing, simplifying and communicating information (my sidekicks to analyzing) and start this little blog to see where it goes.  Well, I just have to say…I couldn’t be more pleased that people are responding.  I’m excited to build a little community on the shared experience of unemployment or just uncertainty in general.  Because I believe that the hesitancy of the unknown transcends the matter which is unknown.  I appreciate everyone who has read, commented, or provided any type of personal feedback.  Thank you and I hope that you continue to enjoy and share!

P.S.  There are some features that I want to add to jazz things up a bit.  (I also have some interesting post ideas.)  It may take some time for me to get these ideas worked out, but I would love for you to continue checking it out to see how things come along.  Of course, I will keep posting notes like I have been.


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