Terms and Conditions

Before we move much further, there are some things from my previous posts that I want to address.  In part because I’m kind of nervous about this blogging thing so I want to clear any air that might be muddled.

I plan to write about things in real time as they happen to me.  I’m choosing this method because I have been searching for some sort of guide book to transition, particularly my current changeover.  Sadly, there does not seem to be a documented account of the trials of being five months into a third round of unemployment in three years.  Other than the self-prescribed trifecta of staying up all night, watching copious amounts of television, and participating in recreational day drinking, there is no map for navigation.  I would like to ask for your kindness and open-mindedness as you read this.  I have no idea the direction that it will ultimately take.

Secondly, my fear is that after reading a piece like my foray into anger, you might make the general assumption that I may need to see a therapist about these punctuated episodes of bleakness.  Let me assure you that I am ripe with self-reflection.  (And the workbook pages to prove it.)  Maybe it goes without saying, but I think that it’s important to mention:  my experiences do not detract from the capacity to live my life, interact with others or have fulfilling relationships.  I do not struggle with any vices that could cause bodily harm to myself or others, directly or indirectly.  It is with full confidence that I say:  I believe that my experiences are largely consistent with existing in the unknown.  It is unsettling, but I don’t think that it is insidious.  However, if you think you are experiencing struggles that are the consequence of something greater than balancing transition or are finding the management of them more difficult than you can command, please move forward with exploring options to garner assistance.

And with that out of the way, let us continue.


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